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Frequently Asked Questions

ClassroomO is an international ed-tech platform. ClassroomO provides a platform to the institute; that gives them the capability to conduct online live classes, track attendance, manage assignments, and many other features. We utilize modern and secure technology to provide students access to class recordings throughout the year.

License term means an online classroom. One license gives you access to run 1 class at a time. If you need to run concurrent classes; then you will require multiple licenses. For example:

    • If you want to run 2 batches/classes with 2 different teachers at different times; then 1 license can do this for you. As it is similar to taking classes in 1 classroom at different times.
    • If you want to run 2 batches/classes with 2 different teachers at same time; then you will need 2 licenses. One for each classroom; where 2 classes can run concurrently.

ClassroomO offers 4 types of licenses:

    • ClassroomO 1000
      • This gives 1000 hours per year of online class usage.
    • ClassroomO 2000
      • This gives 2000 hours per year of online class usage.
    • ClassroomO 3000
      • This gives 3000 hours per year of online class usage.
    • ClassroomO 3700
      • This gives 3700 hours per year of online class usage.

Hybrid classroom is a mixture of physical and online classroom; where few students can attend class online and few at your institute location physically. For example:

    • You have 100 students in a class and you have setup your physical classroom to connect with your ClassroomO online live classroom. Now few say 30 students join your class physically at your location and rest 70 students join the class online on the ClassroomO platform.
    • Note: You will need to set up your physical classroom to run in Hybrid mode. Our team can help you guide with this setup.

Yes, Institute signUp is free. But to start using the platform; Institute needs to purchase at least 1 ClassroomO license.

Yes, Student signUp is free.

Free ClassroomO demo is for Institutes who want to onboard ClassroomO to transform their institutes into an online classroom. We give you a walk through of the platform free of cost to showcase capabilities before you make a purchase.

Live online classroom is a video conferencing between students and teacher; where every participant interacts and collaborates to learn. ClassroomO uses Zoom Communications platform for video/audio collaboration.



No, for running concurrent classes multiple licenses are required.

No. Class recording views are unlimited. Each class recording is available for 1 year.

No. We currently offer institutes to charge complete course fees at once. We may consider this in future.

Institutes can create courses which can be at max 12 months in duration for now.

Yes, ClassroomO provides teacher’s training to effectively use the platform and manage online classrooms. We conduct training webinars and publish our schedules to institutes registered with ClassroomO.

    • Assignment Module is a complete module to give homework for your students.
    • Teacher’s perspective:
      • Teachers can create a pool of assignments and add these assignments to the upcoming classes or past classes.
      • Each assignment can consist of 5 file attachments and 5 URLs
      • Each class can have 1 assignment attached.
      • Teachers will have access to submitted assignments for review.
    • Student’s perspective:
      • Students see assignments in their dashboard.
      • Students can submit assignments from within the dashboard and tutor will have access to submitted assignments.
      • Students can add 5 files and 5 URLs in the submitted assignment.

Yes. Students can submit assignments

    • Automatic attendance is marked only for students who joined class online. For students who joined class in a physical center; teacher will have the option to mark attendance from the dashboard
    • Automatic attendance will show the duration of the student’s presence in the class.

Yes. Tutors can mark attendance for offline attending students from the dashboard.

ClassroomO does not define refund policy for students. It is upto institute to define its refund policy for students. Please contact your institute for queries related to refunds.